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2011 Geritol league schedule 
Modified By glovedad  on 4/7/2011 9:11:12 PM)

Our league schedule for 2011 is posted on the "Team Geritol News" tab as well as in the "Photo Album." 

All games are Tuesday evenings. We have:

7 games @ 7:15

6 games @ 8:30

7 games @ 9:45

We play 1 night each week. All games are doubleheaders and all are at McCormick Park.

Please check the schedule carefully as there are 4 evenings that we have a 7:15 game

and then have a game off before we play again at 9:45. Not ideal, but Abe worked hard to get this put together

for us and it is one night a week which is about as player friendly as we could ask.

There are 6 teams in the league, so we will play each of the other 5 teams, four times each.

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  Forum  League Talk  League Talk  2011 Geritol league schedule